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Fellowship Applications

In sharing examples of successful and unsuccessful grant applications, I hope these resources are helpful to any hopeful applicants out there! Please do not copy or take anything from these proposals without asking about it. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about either of these applications:

Data Demo

To help illustrate the relationship between spontaneously experienced desires and personal goal conflict, check out the interactive sankey plot below! The data come from 5,752 smartphone enteries from 103 healthy adults who participated in an experience sampling study about everyday desires. To read about the papers these data come from, check out the following links: (Burr et al., 2020) and (Castrellon et al., Under review)

Each box on the left describes a reported desire. Each box on the right describes a reported personal goal conflict. The size of the box corresponds to the frequency of the goal or desire across the entire sample (e.g. bigger boxes = reported more frequently). The relationship between each reported desire and its conflicting personal goal is represented by a gray line.

Move your mouse over the boxes and gray lines to highlight specific desires and their corresponding conflicting personal goals!

Sankey plot produced using networkD3